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The American Way: Endless Wars, by Stephen Lendman (ANALYSIS)

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.09.26 PMPublisher’s Note: As we remember our veterans today, let’s also be honest about the U.S. of Empire’s 21st century mojo. “Peace in our Time,” through peaceable decentralism. Free Vermont!

America is addicted to endless direct and proxy wars of aggression. Peace is anathema, social justice discarded to devote national resources to warmaking and militarizing the homeland.

Washington’s criminal class is bipartisan. Duopoly power rules, one party with two wings, serving monied interests exclusively, not a single identifiable administration, congressional or top-level judicial profile in courage, all in lockstep with what makes America the most feared and hated of all nations.

All Republican and Democrat presidential aspirants support aggressive wars. None demand they end. No one worries about possible nuclear annihilation, let alone rule of law principles and democratic values – old ideas, quaint ones to be discarded and ignored.

Advancing America’s imperium matters most, pressuring other nations to go along or else, systematically dismantling one country after another.

America’s Air Force secretary wants Syria invaded and occupied. Deborah Lee James is part of neocon lunatic fringe, believing the way to resolve Syria’s conflict is by escalating it.

“Air power is extremely important,” she said. “It can do a lot, but it can’t do everything. Ultimately, it cannot occupy territory and very importantly it cannot govern territory.”

”This is where we need to have boots on the ground. We do need to have ground forces in this campaign” for a campaign requiring “years” to win.

America must be more aggressive, she stressed, echoing her boss’ sentiment, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, supporting Obama’s “willingness to do more,” putting Washington on a path toward direct confrontation with Russia.

Fact: In March 2011, Obama launched long-planned, premeditated, unprovoked naked aggression on Syria – using imported proxy death squads to do his dirty work, violating international, constitutional and US statute laws.

Fact: CIA operatives and US special forces (along with their UK counterparts and likely ones from other rogue allies) operate against the sovereign Syrian government from neighboring countries, as well as internally – covertly and overtly.

Fact: In September 2014, US warplanes began bombing Syrian infrastructure and other targets illegally – on the phony pretext of striking ISIS.

Fact: Thousands of US special forces operate in Iraq, directly involved in combat, supporting ISIS. In late October, Obama said he ordered dozens of US special forces sent to Syria – along with numerous others already there and likely many more to follow, he didn’t explain.

Fact: His actions over the entire conflict period show he wants war, not peace – overtures otherwise meaningless, cover for his endless war of choice, wanting Syria entirely destroyed, balkanized and controlled as a US vassal state.

Fact: There’s nothing civil about Syria’s conflict. Assad is fighting US-deployed foreign invaders, terrorist death squads along with American special forces, now with vital Russian air power, making a significant difference on the ground.

Washington is very much on the back foot. It lost the initiative. James and top Pentagon commanders want it regained.

Dozens of special forces deployed appear prelude for many more to come – classic mission creep, maybe a significant US combat troop invasion, breaching another Obama pledge not to send American forces to another country.

US special forces currently operate overtly or covertly in over two-thirds of the world’s nations – an unprecedented assault on global freedom, their missions largely top secret.

These elements are highly trained killers, not good will ambassadors, numbering in the tens of thousands from all branches of service, trained for special combat missions and black operations – at their command levels, working closely with CIA and FBI operatives, as well as NSA officials.

The comprise a force for pure evil, involved in advancing America’s imperium. They infest US direct and proxy war theaters.

Last week, Ashton Carter signaled what’s likely ahead. America must do “much more than (conduct) airstrikes” in Iraq and Syria, he said.

Controlling both countries requires US boots on the ground longterm. White House press secretary Josh Earnest lied, claiming US special forces “do not have a combat mission.” They’re deployed precisely for this reason.

Claiming their mission is training “moderate” rebels is a complete fabrication. No so-called anti-government “moderates” exist in Syria or Iraq, imported terrorists only along with perhaps some homegrown ones.

America’s endless regional wars rage, no end in sight anyway, none planned. Rogue states operate this way, using raw power to force their will on others, Washington’s scheme for world dominance.

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