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Vigilante of Democracy, by Rebecca Hougher (ANALYSIS)

forecaster-1Having read articles by Martin Armstrong, some even written from prison, I was astonished to read that he would be speaking at the TEDx Battenkill event, themed Vigilantes of Extinction, in Manchester, Vermont on October 3rd. Martin, financial advisor and head of Princeton Economics, developed a computer model based on the number pi which predicts economic and social turning points with such accuracy that he has a devoted, international following. The next day, he answered questions for two hours after a Manchester screening of the newly released movie,

The Forecaster,  which chronicles his life story, his rejection of  an offer  to join New York City bankers,”The Club” and his refusal to turn over his computer model resulting in his prison sentencing for fraud and contempt.

Most amazing was the timing of the TEDx talk, the beginning of Oct 2015, which Martin has long forecast as a Crisis in Confidence, based on his Economic Confidence Model using currency, war, and history data going back 5,000 years. Although Martin advises economic advisors, traders and world leaders, his message to humanity is straight forward. “History is a roadmap to the future…What caused the total collapse in the Roman Monetary System? Was it inflation or lack of confidence? It was the fact that Valerian was the first Roman Emperor to ever be captured. This sent a shock wave through the empire where people hoarded money, the economy contracted, and that resulted in the government having to debase the money to pay its bills. As always, the CONFIDENCE evaporates FIRST and then the hyper-inflationary outcome results. It has NEVER been the other way around.”

Thomas Jefferson said, “There does not exist an engine so corruptive of the government and so demoralizing of the nation as a public debt. It will bring on us more ruin at home than all the enemies from abroad …” Today, even if people can’t articulate what is wrong, they know something is wrong. Although Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump come from different backgrounds and views, they have in common the public perception that they are being truthful. Martin pointed out there are only three outcomes of our present situation, default on the National Debt, inflate, or restructure.  His advice, eliminate Federal taxes, stop issuing debt and get rid of career politicians who are obligated to the special interests that get them elected, not the people…”Career politicians are on the side of the government, not us.” He points out that we are no longer a democracy but ruled by a centralized bureaucracy that doesn’t change, regardless of electoral outcomes.

So what attracted a 67 year old grandmother to this and why am I posting on 2VR? I have a strong interest in history, specifically early Vermont history and the Green Mountain Boys. I’m also aware of the cyclic nature of life on all levels from the personal to civilizations. Before Revolution broke out in the original colonies, early settlers in the New Hampshire Grants, having been harassed and taxed by New York authorities, organized Militias, the first in Bennington in 1764, then more in adjacent counties. Because of the area, they were called The Green Mountain Boys and later became Extra Continental Troops that served in the American Revolution. They materially contributed to the formation of the Republic of Vermont in 1777. The two acts of secession, first from New York claims and then the American Declaration of Independence from England, are the natural outcome of oppression and excessive taxation. Fast forward some 240 years and we see a rising Crisis of Confidence worldwide, with secessionist movements in Catalonia Spain, Scotland and in the US, Texas, California and Vermont.

People are fed up, with among other things the erosion of restraints inherent in the Constitution, Central Bank’s control over Government, and out of control Sovereign Debt. The good news? There are people, like Martin Armstrong, who are willing to speak out about what is becoming so obvious, there will be a tipping point, a recognition that “too big to fail” is…too big. Smaller, local economies with a tradition and spirit of independence, can once again restore the natural rights of mankind…life, liberty and property.

“What I hope to accomplish is to open the eyes to the true hidden order that governs all life, including ourselves. We must become aware of both time and the form of structure. We must break-away from linear thought and to see the world that is waiting to be discovered that surrounds everything. My mother always said to me that there was a “time and place for everything,” Her explanation of the world to me was so very true. We must reject the idea than man needs to be controlled. Freedom is a divine gift that no man has the right to rob from another to impose his personal views be they political or religious. If we understand human nature and that there will always be the booms and busts for they are the engine of progress forcing new advances that will not appear, but for necessity, then we can survive and expand our comprehension of time and space. We must not destroy ourselves in the thirst to punish that what we do not understand. Civilization is on the line. So is the risk of war. “It is just time!” We must open our mind to see what our eyes cannot but what our instincts tells us exists.” – Martin Armstrong Oct 10, 2008.

Rebecca A Hougher is a 7th generation Vermonter, President of The Descendants of The Green Mountain Boys, and friend of 2VR.

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