Second Vermont Republic

A citizen movement committed to restoring Vermont to an independent republic, free to pursue life, liberty and happiness unimpeded by the demands of an imperial, corrupt and disintegrating United States.

Scotland Secession Update: UK Citizens Say “It’s Coming!” (POLL)

While the U.S. of Empire trundles on into the nextPANews BT_P-79b9594c-8812-41f9-a218-565c9355870f_I1 “Bush versus Clinton” 18 month news cycle, and Vermont’s political leadership wrestles with budget woes that might be solved by the potential creation of a public bank for our once-and-future republic…

U.K. voters indicate that they believe an independent Scotland is on the horizon…

Read “Polls Point To Scottish Secession” here.

As Scotland goes, so goes the Green Mountain State…?

Free Vermont, and long live the Untied States!

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