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False Flags in Boston, by Jacqueline Brook (RESEARCH)

In this age of false flags, I paid special
attention to the official story of the 2013 Boston
Marathon bombings and noticed many oddities.
But none more eye-opening than the one that I
discovered just recently.


Given Boston FBI-head Richard DesLauriers running
of Operation Ghost Stories, the 10-year monitoring
and roll-up of a Russian spy network, in which
“FBI agents posed as Russian handlers,” I think
it’s unimaginable that the FBI wasn’t dogging the
Tsarnaev brothers for 3 – 5 years, as their mother
has said.

Then there’s the uncle’s connection with CIA agent
Graham Fuller. Then there’s the fact that both
brothers were transported all the way across town
to Beth Israel Deaconess hospital. BID’s CEO is a
Zionist, Kevin Tabb. Then there’s Dr. Schoenfeld’s
[of BID, at the time] utterly bizarre interview
with NPR. Then there’s Ron Dermer, saying that the
bombings would be good for Israel. Then there’s
the fact that the scenario was almost identical to
the 2013 Boston Urban Shield Drill, run by Cytel
Group, which is using the bombings as advertising
on their website, and the fact that Urban Shield
events have been supported by Israel in 3
different ways. Then there’s Cytel Group’s
connection with Hollywood effects company
Strategic Operations, run by Stu Segall, allegedly
a former porn king with mob ties. They are also
using the bombings as advertising on their
website. [The Boston Urban Shield drill was
subsequently cancelled because the Marathon
bombings had just happened and because the
bombings had unfolded in such a similar manner to
the planned drill.]

I actually drove to the scene of the shootout,
because I couldn’t reconcile 2 eyewitness
statements and was surprised to see so many bullet
holes in houses at 2nd floor level. [OK. Maybe
they were shrapnel holes.] Then I was astonished
when I saw the house where the boat was parked. I
had listened to a young woman tell an Infowars
reporter: “My friend on Franklin St., ummm, lived
across the street, and the army people did a huge
search in their garage, ummm, but the boat was
directly across the street; they didn’t search the
boat, not once. They didn’t even go around it.”
Presumably they didn’t go near Dave Henneberry’s
carriage house behind the boat either, or either
of the detached garages in the neighbors’
backyards. Then, there’s Leah Flynn, who,
according to online white pages, lives at 20
Franklin St., a block and a half past Henneberry’s
house on the L-shaped street, who said that law
enforcement officers were in her backyard. So,
we’ve been lied to about the ‘perimeter’ and its
relationship to the boat. I actually think the
site was being guarded until that incredible
experiment with martial law was over.

Then there’s the HUGE omission in Dave
Henneberry’s story with regards to the giant door
that was built into the shrink
wrapping on the boat. There’s a video online at in which you can watch a police
vehicle/apparatus peel back the door – which I’m
assuming is what Henneberry pantomimed rolling up,
in his interview with WCVB’s Ed Harding. I think
the whole boat story is fishy – including the note
allegedly scrawled therein, which seems to get
longer and longer and which we only first heard
about a month after the bombings.

That quickly summarizes much of my earlier research.

Another odd thing was that Senator Mary Landrieu
reported to NPR that, on the day after the
bombings, she was informed about the letter that
allegedly tested positive for ricin (a separate
event) during a classified briefing (in
Washington) on the events in Boston. To this day,
I wonder why a briefing on the Boston bombings had
to be classified.

Anyway, recently I decided to compile much of my
research into a very graphic PDF file (made up
mostly of screen shots, since digital info can
disappear so easily, as well as maps of the
Watertown neighborhoods where much of the story
unfolded – to accompany various testimonies), in
order to send it to the Boston Public Defender’s

Just as I was finishing putting together my
document, I came across a couple of things that I
hadn’t seen previously: The Federal account (text)
of the note that was allegedly scrawled inside the
boat and an ABC News photo of a portion of that
note. Oddly, the two don’t match. The words “and
that Mohammad is his messenger” can be made out in
the photo, but are nowhere to be found in the
government’s version. (The text of the note can be
found in a PDF file entitled “Government’s
Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Suppress
Statements,” which I found attached to a Boston
Globe article. See references below.)

I wonder if government agents rewrote a short
prayer, perhaps, and turned it into a manifesto.
Or whether the whole entire thing was fabricated –
text and photo – by agents who weren’t working
from the same script. In any case, I’d love it if
someone could explain that oddity to me, in

This is how I’ve come to view the Boston bombings
as a result of all of the research I’ve done: I
think it was a giant test of martial law for a
giant pandemic test that hasn’t been successfully
inflicted on us quite yet. (”Shelter in place” is
a phrase “normally used if you’re dealing with a
pandemic.”) And, besides Israel (according to Ron
Dermer), one person benefitted hugely from this
intelligence operation (my assessment) – President
Obama. All criticism of President Drone Bomber’s
assassination of the American al-Awlkai and his
son ended completely and instantly, as a result of
the official story of the Boston bombings.


International Agencies/Organizations: Consulate
General Israel – San Francisco, Israeli National
Police, State of Israel
[This supporting agencies information is no longer

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