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Peak Oil, Meet Climate Change: The “New Normal” (INDY ANALYSIS)

With refreshing honesty and humor, Jim (LONG EMERGENCY) Kunstler and Dmitry (REINVENTING COLLAPSE) Orlov weigh in this week on their respective blogs about recent oil price drops, the U.S./China “climate change reduction” agreement, the ineffectiveness of and the climate change movement to date, and, as always, the bigger picture.


Orlov concludes the following:

1. The US is going to continue collapsing, and even the Obama administration takes this for granted and has set a safe upper bound on how slowly this collapse will unfold.

2. China will continue growing, gobbling up ever more reserves, until something breaks (which it will).

3. Climate activists in the US will continue tooting their horns, expecting us to believe that they have achieved something other than defeat.

The truth hurts?

Free Vermont, and long live the Untied States.

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This entry was posted on November 18, 2014 by in Arts.

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