Second Vermont Republic

A citizen movement committed to restoring Vermont to an independent republic, free to pursue life, liberty and happiness unimpeded by the demands of an imperial, corrupt and disintegrating United States.

Solar-Powered Vermont (ANALYSIS)

Would you believe that Vermont has more solar energy jobs per capita than any other state in the U.S. of Empire? This is just one of the fascinating claims made in this excellent investigative feature from our neighbors at SEVEN DAYS newspaper.


Given withering federal solar subsidies, the recent Congressional election returns, and the new Republican majority’s agitating for both the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline and more support for coal and fossil-fuel industries, it is high time for Vermont to take its support for local solar even more seriously. Free Vermont, go Solar, and long live the UNtied States!

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This entry was posted on November 16, 2014 by in Arts.

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